Ryan Shuler

“I’m a novice runner and this store was extremely helpful. I had purchased a pair of shoes about a year ago when I started running and boy did I do everything wrong. I walked in the other day and walked out with a pair of shoes that feel 100% better when I’m running. I’ve also been tossing around the idea of a 5k or 10k and they have a wonderful calendar in the store with all the local events.”

Carley McGuire Dameron

“Super helpful staff, awesome shoes! Just tried mine out ! Will go back in the future..”

Dylan DeFrancesco

“Service was amazing and they have everything you need for any level runner. My experience was great with Joe.”

Karen Linde Donnelly

“Awesome store with helpful staff. The treadmill to test drive shoes was a nice perk. Incredibly friendly, talented, & blazing fast group for the Tues night track run. It was great to come out to play & experience a few REAL hills, compared to flat FL, to shake out the cobwebs on our vacation. Thanks for the warm welcome!”

Tom Zuniga

“Had an awesome associate walk me through the entire shoe-buying process. Best service I’ve ever gotten with shoes!”

Joe Barrett

“Jane answers all my questions directly, and plants good intentions through expressing the right-words at the right-time, which results in an improvement of my running form. I’ve been running since 1978 (high school), but was never on a team or had a coach, so my form was never idealized. The good news is that improvement seems to always be possible, no matter one’s age, as long as the willingness is motivated to work on the individual tasks. To life-long running!”

Belle Crawford

“The people at Jus’ Running are so knowledgeable about shoes, the running lifestyle, the local running community, and running best practices. They helped me find the perfect pair of running shoes for me (not an easy thing to do!). Jus’ running is a great place to start if you’re just getting into running (me) or if you’ve been doing it forever (future me). Thanks so much Jus’ Running!”