Meet Our Staff

Jus' Running is made up of a local team of committed, friendly, and knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you have the best experience at our store. Learn more about them in the next slides!

Thomas Brown

Thomas recently joined Jus’ Running during the crazy year of 2020. He started running in High School to get in shape for wrestling and has never looked back.  Over three decades later, he has never lost his love for an early morning run.

Luke Paulson

Luke has been with Jus' Running since March of 2018. He began running competitively in 6th grade on his middle school cross country team and has not looked back since! When not running, Luke loves to get creative in the kitchen!

Laura Wimsett

Laura has many years of retail experience. She has been with Jus' Running since July of 2018, and is enjoying working for a small business and getting to know the running community better. In her free time she enjoys consignment shopping and home decor.

Jane Roane

Rachel Veale

Rachel started going to Maggot track workouts when she first moved to Asheville in the winter of 2018, and she hasn't left the Jus' Running community since! She spends her time split between working for Jus' Running and serving as the Local Foods Coordinator for Bounty & Soul in Black Mountain. In her free time, she enjoys slowing down, baking, and being outside. 

Whitney Waters

Whitney has been a regular participant at the Maggot track workouts for the past few years and has been an employee at Jus' Running since 2018. She enjoys running local trails with her dog, Lullah.  She is a full-time graduate student at Western Carolina University, where she studies literature and professional writing and teaches an undergraduate writing course.

Brett Baddorf

Brett is new to Jus' Running but not specialty running stores. He ran cross-country and track in high school and then in college at Samford University. As Brett and his wife have traveled he has run everywhere from Pakistan to Bhutan to the South Pole to New Zealand and everywhere in between. Only Africa, South America, and Europe remain on his goal of running a marathon on every continent. He has loved living in AVL and diving more into the endurance trail world. 

Brett has a MDiv and is currently working on his CPE residency at the VA. He is married to Sarah and they just had their first child - welcome to parenthood! When not working at the store or the VA Brett enjoys hiking, reading, playing hockey (if there is an ice rink nearby), writing, good beer and whiskey, traveling, and exploring the forests.

Miranda Redmann

Miranda has been a part of Jus’ Running since November of 2012, shortly after she moved to Asheville from Florida. Working at the shop renewed her passion for running and introduced her to many wonderful people that have become like family to her.
When not running, Miranda enjoys reading, cooking, baking, spending time outdoors, helping out at races, and supporting local businesses.

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