Fitting Process

Our shoe fitting experts like to take the time to fit you correctly. Whether you are training for a race or started walking around your neighborhood, we want to set you up for success! We cater to all abilities and offer shoes exclusively because of their superior cushioning and support. Please allow approximately 30 minutes for your first visit to our store so that we can complete a biomechanical analysis.


Ensuring the Proper Fit

We recommend comparing at least three different pairs of shoes to determine your preferences in regards to lightness, cushioning and overall fit. Proper fitting can be conducted by any of our trained staff during all business hours on a first-come, first-serve basis. Weekday fittings generally offer a more relaxed visit.


Your Personal Goals

What are your goals? Are you just starting to walk or are you training for a half marathon? Do you enjoy trail running or jogging around your neighborhood? Do you have any known injuries? Knowing what your needs are will help us match you with the perfect pair of shoes and provide maximum comfort.


Get ready to move!

Our trained staff will evaluate your stance and pronation, or whether you have an arch or typically walk with flat feet. If necessary, we will ask you to walk and/or run on the treadmill with your current shoes and watch how your feet naturally interact with the ground. With so many options,┬áit’s important to narrow down your shoe based on your body type and running goals.