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This post is the second in an ongoing series of posts featuring Jus’ Running Race Team members who have qualified to run in the 124th Boston Marathon on April 20, 2020.  We hope that you take pleasure in the variety of backgrounds and experience represented here and appreciate their willingness to share their stories. At Jus’ Running we do more than just sell shoes and gear, we take pride in sharing information with our customers that will inform, educate and inspire them to get the most out of the sport of running. Read last week’s post on Jennifer Black here.

Kelsey Hanger, 29, is a physical therapist at the WNC Baptist Home. Her mother got her started running when she was 8 years old and she has been running casually and competitively since. Kelsey ran cross country and track as an undergraduate student at Appalachian State and was then sidelined for several years following a hip fracture. She began running again in 2018 to train for the Asheville Biltmore marathon, where she ran a 3:25 in 2019 and qualified for the Boston Marathon. This was her first marathon and qualifying for Boston was nowhere on her radar. After she finished the race, a friend texted her and asked if she had qualified and she responded “for what?!”

Kelsey’s best marathon training tip? “I would say that getting those long 20 mile training runs in 2-4 weeks before the race are crucial.”  

Kelsey’s favorite shoe and why? “The Asics Nimbus has been a reliable shoe for me for a long time and I believe in the old adage, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!’”

Kelsey’s pre marathon/race day routine? “HYDRATING- while it sounds obvious, I believe that being well-hydrated is the best thing you can do before a distance event.”

What are you most looking forward to if this is your first Boston Marathon? “I am looking forward to this amazing experience and the race-day energy.  My sister and boyfriend will be cheering me on and I couldn’t ask for better support!”


Stay tuned over the next month as we continue our series featuring Jus’ Running Race Team’s Boston Marathon runners! Thanks to Kevin Fitzgerald (also a Jus’ Running Race Team member!) for his help in compiling this post.