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This post features several Jus’ Running Race Team members who have qualified to run in the 124th Boston Marathon on April 20, 2020.  We hope that you take pleasure in the variety of backgrounds and experience represented here and appreciate their willingness to share their stories. At Jus’ Running we do more than just sell shoes and gear, we take pride in sharing information with our customers that will inform, educate, and inspire them to get the most out of the sport of running.

Jennifer Black, 28, is a physical therapist in the Asheville area. She started running with her dad at age 11, when he convinced her to try out for the middle school track team in 8th grade and she has enjoyed competitive running ever since! Jennifer ran cross country and outdoor track for 4 years at Providence High School in Charlotte, NC, and raced her first half marathon at age 15. She ran cross country, indoor, & outdoor track for UNC Asheville from 2009-2013 and has continued to train and race every year since then. She started running the Tuesday track workout with the Maggots when she moved back to Asheville in 2017 and has rarely missed a workout because it reminds her of her high school and college track days where you show up, your coach tells you what to do, you have the support of your team, and you can see the improvement in your running from doing tough workouts! Another benefit of the routine is meeting most of her training partners at the track workout, several who helped her train for her first marathon in Charleston, SC last year.  She posted a time of 3:20 and qualified for her first Boston Marathon.

Jennifer’s best marathon training tip?  “Find people to train with! It makes the long runs and hard workouts feel so much easier and they will keep you accountable with your training.”

Jennifer’s favorite shoe and why? “Topo Ultrafly. Foot shaped toe box, 5mm heel to toe drop, well cushioned for the long miles, tried and true!”

Jennifer’s pre marathon/race day routine?  “I always eat tortellini for dinner the night before a race for good luck. The morning of a race I get up early, eat a bagel with peanut butter and try to stay calm.”

What are you most looking forward to if this is your first Boston Marathon?   “I’m looking forward to experiencing the most famous running event in the US!  I can’t wait to see the course that everyone talks about, to feel the excitement of so many people who have worked hard to get to this race, to go to a race with so many spectators and supporters, and run on the same course as many professional runners that I admire! This race has been on my bucket list since I learned about marathons and I follow it every year.”


Stay tuned over the next month as we continue our series featuring Jus’ Running Race Team’s Boston Marathon runners! Thanks to Kevin Fitzgerald (also a Jus’ Running Race Team member!) for his help in compiling this post.